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Montblanc Black Gold nib 14k early 50's - No 22.      250,-

Montblanc Black Gold nib 14k, early 60's - No 34.      200,-

Montblanc Black Ballpoint lever mechanism, early 60's - No 380.     125,-

Montblanc set


In 1924, Montblanc created a writing instrument that became an icon of writing culture: the Montblanc Meisterstück. Its functional, attractive design, the innovative ink-feeding system and its hand-engraved gold nib with an iridium tip have made this fountain pen the writing instrument of our times.


Every year since 1992, the Writers Edition has paid homage to the world's most famous authors, whose works have made a lasting impact on generations of readers and remain relevant to this day. The specific design and the fine details of each edition – including fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil and rollerball models – represent both a masterly homage to the life's work of the writer honoured and a fascinating commitment to writing culture.

Writers edition William Faulkner

Nib duotone 18k

Including box and booklet.

New, never used 


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